I wanted to add something, not necessarily about food. As you can figure, it is on our duty to our family, community, country, world? When raising my son’s, I taught them that being an adult was not about being able to do whatever you want (no matter what country you live in), but about being responsible for whatever we do. Now, more than ever, we are seeing the result of the choices we make every day. What was once a small, mostly insignificant choice can have large ramifications.

If you know my bio, I have worked in the medical laboratory field for almost 40 years. This past year has put us front and center. Laboratorians are not used to this type of “moment in the sun”, so to speak. We aren’t the type who seek the limelight. But I can tell you, after listening to the CDC and FDA calls every week that the people of this country needs to look at this virus not as a disease, but as the enemy. And we can only defeat it, IF we can come together.

When the USA entered the WW II after Pearl Harbor, Japan had taken control of most of the rubber supply for the world. This was intended to cripple our country. So our country to a big step to keep this from happening. Beginning in May of 1942 and ending in August of 1945, a nationwide speed limit of 35 miles per hour was instated. The “Victory Speed” limit was instated in order to reduce gasoline and rubber consumption. The slower people drove, the less gas and rubber they would need. This nationwide speed limit was called “Victory Speed” in order to make Americans more accepting of a lower speed limit, as this speed limit was instated everywhere from big city streets to rural highways.

This is only one of the sacrifices that Americans made to deal with a terrible time. Well, I would say now qualifies as a terrible time. Would you be willing to do something like this? Drive 35 miles an hour for 3 years?

In light of that sacrifice, we are being asked to wear a mask and don’t gather in large groups. And sadly, many people have balked at this. We keep thinking, “oh, my doing “this” won’t have an impact”. We need to do the right thing. We must help those who depend on us–people we don’t know and probably never will. This is about MORE than you, this is about ALL of us.

Life is not about doing whatever we want, but being responsible for what we do. My choices (and yours) are for more than my sake. For we are here not only for ourselves, but for the lives we touch.

Every choice, every day. Please stay safe.

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