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Want something GOOD…and healthy?  Do you work?  Little time to cook doesn’t mean little taste.    I have a regular job (5 days a week,  8hr days) with kids and a husband, but we manage to have good food, that’s good for you pretty much every night.

How do I do it?  Well, it takes planning.  Groan!! Yes planning. But not “conquer the world” planning.  Just some basic “oh yeah” type planning.

What kind of food do you like?  What can you afford?  I hope to start showing you some ways to eat well and still stay within the budget.  I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see “flank steak” as an inexpensive cut of meat.  You do have to be willing to use your brain.  A little planning and  knowledge of what’s available and you too can do what I do.

Not a lot of time to keep checking back for more recipes?  Sign up for email notification.  I have no interest in selling you anything or giving your addresses to anyone.  I’m just a regular girl trying to spread the word about eating well for less.

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