Strawberry Macaroon Tart

We had some friends over for the Super Bowl; I love an excuse to cook for friends.  Everybody helped out even when I told them they didn’t need to….because…well because they’re my friends and they’re good people.  I decided to make a new dessert, because I’m always making something new when people come over.  You would think I would go with the “tried and true” recipes, but I never do.  So far…it hasn’t exploded in my face (knock on wood).


This recipe get its inspiration from Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson.  I changed from butter to a fruity olive oil to reduce the cholesterol, but still get great flavor.  I also increased the amount of fruit and will increase it further the next time I make it.  I also think I will add a layer of bitter sweet chocolate chips under the fruit and coconut as well (I will note it in the recipe).

This tart does not take long to prepare and the steps are easy.  It also looks beautiful.  We served it  with vanilla ice cream in bowls so everyone could watch the game and the commercials of course.


You’ll need:

For the crust

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (fine grind)

3/4 cup unsweetened coconut, medium shred

2/3 cup raw sugar

1/2 tsp table salt (don’t use kosher)

1/2 cup good olive oil

For the filling

1-1 1/2 cups bittersweet chocolate chips (optional)

2 cup unsweetened coconut, medium shred

1/2 cup raw sugar

4 large egg whites

2-3 cups hulled strawberries, cut in half or thirds

1/3 cup pistachios, crushed

Vanilla ice cream


Preheat oven to 350.

Spray a 9 in spring-form pan with oil and set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine flour, coconut, sugar and salt.  Add olive oil and stir until mixture just barely comes together (still somewhat crumbly).  Dump mixture into the spring-form and use your hands to press it down into the bottom of the pan in an even layer.  You do not need to press it up the sides.  You can use a spatula to help flatten it if you like.  Bake this in the oven for about 15 minutes or until the crust just begins to color.  Remove and set aside to cool.

Next prepare the filling.  In your electric mixer’s bowl, combine the coconut, sugar, and egg whites.  Beat at a medium speed until well combined.  Prepare the berries while mixer is running.


To assemble:

Sprinkle the chocolate chips on the crust first (if using).  Then scatter on the berries.  Use a spoon or bowl scraper to add the coconut mixture around and over the berries, pressing the coconut into the voids under the berries.  Its OK for it not to completely cover all the berries.  You want some of them to show. Spread the filling evenly, but don’t try to press everything  completely flat.

Place pan in oven and bake for 25 minutes or until coconut has a nice golden color.  Remove and allow to cool.  Sprinkle crushed pistachios over the tart.  Remove the sides and cut into slices.  Serve with a scoop up vanilla ice cream.  Enjoy!


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