Citrus Nut Chocolate Bark with Cranberries (GF)

In my family I’m known as the Cranberry Girl, the Crazy Cranberry Lady, or other names I’d just as soon not learn about!  I inherited this title…sort of…  My mother made some great cranberry dishes for Thanksgiving, and being the only daughter, I took them over when she could no longer make them.  Each year I try to bring something new for all of us to try.


This year one of those dishes is a candy with two types of chocolate infused with citrus.  Pairing the chocolates with orange infused dried cranberries sounded great to me.  Sliced almonds to add a bit of crunch and I was sold.

I have tried to add citrus flavor to chocolate with mixed results.  So I cheated….a bit.  I combined semi sweet chocolate with Lindt Intense Orange chocolate.  I combined white chocolate wafers with white chocolate with infused key lime.  This gives a more subtle overall flavor, but still so tasty.


Not very difficult to make this.  I do recommend having a double boiler, but a microwave will do.  It’s just harder to control the melt in the microwave.  Watch it carefully and keep water far, far away from this the chocolate.  Water will make the chocolate becomes a gloppy clumpy mess.   Don’t use the lid when using the double boiler.

The combinations are only limited by what flavored chocolates you are willing to combine.  Adding the more expense flavors to a good quality chocolate will allow you to make a larger quantity.


You’ll need:

6 oz semi sweet chocolate (high quality)

7 oz Intense Orange Dark chocolate

6 oz  white chocolate melting wafters

6 oz white chocolate infused with citrus (I used a Key Lime)

1 cup orange infused dried cranberries

3/4 cup sliced almonds


Line a half sheet baking pan with parchment paper.  In a small bowl combine the cranberries and almonds.  Set both aside for later use.

In a double boiler with 1-2 inched depth of simmering water (do not boil), or in a microwave: melt the semi sweet and Orange dark chocolate until smooth and glossy.  Spread over the parchment paper until the chocolate is only about 1/4 deep.  Let the chocolate cool until set but don’t wait for it to harden completely.

While the dark chocolate is cooling….

In a clean bowl or top half of double boiler (if using the same bowl, be sure to wash it well and DRY completely-you don’t want your chocolate to seize), melt the white chocolate wafer and the citrus infused white chocolate until smooth and glossy.  Add 1/2 of the cranberry almond mixture.  The white chocolate with thicken slightly due to the cooler temp of the nut mixture.  Continue to mix over gentle heat until mixture regains its previous fluidity.

Over the set dark chocolate, pour your white chocolate mixture.  Spread to the edges of the dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate will start to melt so work quickly to avoid the layers mixing.  Once spread, sprinkle the remaining cranberry almond mix over the top and gently press it into the top layer to help it stick.  Allow this to completely cool….a couple of hours at least.  To help with breaking into pieces, I place the entire pan into the freezer for about 15 minutes.  Remove and break into bite size pieces.  Place in an air tight container for storage.  Share with family and friends.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Citrus Nut Chocolate Bark with Cranberries (GF)

  1. This sounds amazing! Where do you buy the citrus infused cranberries & orange dark chocolate & the white chocolate infused with citrus? 👼🏼

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