My Latest Piece of Equipment-Beautiful and functional

OK-  Big shock here….no recipe this time.  A first for me.  But I just had to share my “new toy”.  I had an end grain island top made for my kitchen!

About 4 years ago, I started a remodel of the main floor of my house.  Nothing too major.  Refinished cabinets, put in cherry butcher block counter tops, new sink and faucet, dishwasher, garbage disposal and exhaust fan.  I also put in a new floor and swapped out a banister for  pony walls (1/2 height wall) and put in a banquette.  I did the work myself with my oldest son serving as my helper.  I did hire an electrician to give me 2 pendant lights and a ceiling fan with light over the dining room table.  I knew how to do it, had the time, but was short on money.  It was a marriage made in the piggy bank.

I did other work to the main floor as well…not relevant here, but the one thing I couldn’t afford was a top for my island.  The island is an old architect’s desk that I revamped for kitchen use.  What I really wanted was an end grain top so everyone could cook together, but I settled for furniture grade plywood at the time.

Now jump to the present.  I have just finished up 2 1/2 grueling months of a new computer system build.  Something I had never done.  I learned a lot and now have new responsibilities, but that’s OK.  It keeps my job interesting.  AND….I made some extra money too. So I decided that I deserved getting something I have wanted for several years.  That end grain top.  I found a man in Pennsylvania to make it for a reasonable price and it came in this week.

So far it has drank over 32 oz of mineral oil.  Getting a new board or wood top means starting it out right.  First thing…a good long drink.  Mineral oil is odorless, tasteless and colorless.  Do yourself a favor.  Don’t buy it in the kitchen supply section of your favorite discount store.  Go to the pharmacy section and get it there.   It still sold as a laxative.  Same thing….much cheaper.  It is still on its drinking binge.  Another day and I think we will be there.  Then I can anchor it with 4″L” brackets (its important for it to be able to expand and contract) and it will be “life as better!”

I often wonder what the kitchens of my fellow bloggers look like.  Here are some shots of mine.  Enjoy and remember….some things are worth waiting for.

The banquette I built and latter added new wine rack in the end.  Both benches open for storage.  Placing it on a ponywall allowed for more floor space.

View of the kitchen from in front of the blue hutch above.  The architect’s desk has a new life.  Two shelves in the knee space and a great new cutting block top.

My new top, still on its drinking binge.  Can’t wait to get started!

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