Peach Butter

Peaches are my favorite fruit.  We have a great produce stand here in the summer that sells sweet juicy ones; the kind you eat over the sink.  Its winter and I miss eating them.  Fortunately every year a local church group puts on a huge sale of nuts and dried fruit.  They sell dried peaches and apples for a reasonable price.  I turn these dried fruits into fruit butters without adding sugar.  We eat it on toast, waffles, ice cream….you get the idea.  Its easy to make.

You’ll need:

Dried peaches and OJ…gettin friendly

4 dried peach halves

Orange juice; enough to just barely cover the fruit

In a small sauce pan, combine the peaches and juice

Simmer on a low heat until fruit absorbs most of the juice and is soft.  Remove from heat and let cool

Add cinnamon or nutmeg, to taste if you like.

Puree in food processor until smooth.  Add additional juice if needed.  Put in a clean container and refrigerate.

You can do this with dried apple and apple cider,  dried apricots and white grape juice. Add spices if you want.  But you don’t need any sugar.  Have fun and eat well!

Peach butter on toast

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