Turkey Sandwiches “Foodie Style”

My husband usually gets a turkey from his employer each year, so I’ve gotten used to not having to buy one.  Well….he didn’t get one this year and I ended up putting off buying one until about 2 weeks before the holiday.  By then, there were nothing but BIG turkeys, I mean 19-24 lbs!  I bought a 19 lb bird and now have enough turkey to feed a small town. Good thing we like turkey.   I discovered this sandwich combo many years ago and still love to eat it.

You’ll need:

Some good bread (I use a sage walnut bread from a local bakery)

stoneground mustard (or your favorite)

garlic hummus

sharp cheddar cheese, sliced

romaine (or another leaf lettuce) leaves

thinly sliced Pink Lady Apples ( or another crisp apple)

slices of roast turkey

On each slice, spread mustard on one piece and garlic hummus on the other.

place turkey slices on mustard side

place cheese slices, apple slices and lettuce leaves on the other

Put both halves together and serve with olives, pretzels and a good dark beer.  Enjoy!

Turkey Sandwich "Foodie Style"

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