Dinner in a hurry from leftovers in the frig

I know.  We’ve all been there.  Haven’t had time to go to the store or no time to cook and everyone’s starving.  You can’t stand the idea or you can’t afford another delivery pizza.  If you have a food processor and some leftovers (the kind where there isn’t enough to make a meal for everyone-just bit and pieces), you can still have a meal that tastes pretty darn good.

What you need:

Some kind of cooked meat or grain:  part of a roast (chicken, pork, whatever), steak, even canned tuna, use cooked rice or pilaf if your not a meat person

Some raw veggies: carrots, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, peppers, etc

Some mustard (your choice)  stoneground or dijon work great

Some lemon juice-just a squirt (if you use salad dressing, you can skip this)

Some seasoning- fresh herbs, a little steak sauce, hot sauce, some chutney, even salad dressing (you get the idea)

Some grated cheese, feta, even a little yogurt (these are optional)

Something to eat it in: Big flour tortillas, Pita bread, or Wraps, even regular bread will do in a pinch.  Warming them up first makes it taste even better.

Chicken, carrots, red onion, peppers, parsley, salad dressing, pepper

What to do:

In the processor: put the meat in first(cut into small chunks if its a steak or pork chops)and/or rice, then add your veggies, lemon juice, seasonings, and cheese if you like

Process until everything is a medium dice (a little bigger than rice) .  Don’t over process!  Now pile a much as you want into your warmed bread of choice.

Everything above chopped and ready for wraps

Not only have you made dinner, but you now have a way to use up those little bits of leftovers that you would probably ended up throwing out!

Filling in a whole wheat tortilla with cheese and sour cream. Dinner's On!!

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