Pork Shoulder

Don’t be afraid to buy BIG pieces of meat.  When you see a whole pork shoulder in the grocery, your brain says “that’s too big for my small family.”  But its not.  Buy it.  You’ll get a great break on the price and all it takes is a willingness to wield a knife.

Buy the boneless shoulder.  No bone  means its easier to cut into separate roasts.  There is a difference in the flavor when the bone is there, its better.  But there are ways to compensate for that.  Your going to cut it into four separate roasts.  The cuts in the shoulder made by the butcher to remove the bone will be your guide on how to quarter it.  What you will end up with is roasts of varying sizes; that’s a good thing.  Wrap the roasts in freezer  paper, label with date and approximate size.

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