Chicken (grilled)

Grilled Chicken

I use boneless skinless thighs.  You might prefer breasts.  To each his own. I get mine at Costco for less than $2 a pound.  They come in a 6 pack of 4-5 pieces per pack. I also get their organic no salt seasoning and then add my own sea salt.  This gives you the flavor plus a little salt (much less salt than what the regular mixes include).

“unfolded” chicken thigh with seasoning

Seasonings plus your own salt (kosher)

Open up all the packs…yes all of them.  Use the seasoning with some salt added ( or none if you can’t have it anymore) on both sides of the meat (inside and outside) and then “fold” them back up like they would have been before being boned.

Grill all the meat (in the oven, charcoal, or, like me on the gas grill) At about 400F on each side for around 5-6 minutes per side until the meat is cooked through (no pink left).  Remove and let rest.

Grilled chicken

Use part for dinner tonight with whatever you want to have with it ( grilled corn, salad, etc) and let the rest cool till after dinner.

Now get out your cutting board and your quart freezer bags.  Your going to cut up the chicken into bite size pieces (about 1 in size) and fill those freezer bags.  Hopefully you will get at least 4 bags after dinner’s over.

There are lots of different things you can do with those bags.  Look for recipes marked “uses grilled chicken.”  I will be adding more recipes as time permits.

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